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Meet our team of live sound engineers, studio production engineers and professional musicians.

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Putting Names To Faces

Richard Rands

Richard Rands is the founder of Muted Productions. He has been a live sound engineer for 10 years, working in varied environments from functions, festivals and theaters to sporting arenas. On top of this he has 15 years performance experience as a professional singer and guitarist

Joe Sheldon

Joe Sheldon is a Leeds Conservatoire graduate with 15 years of industry experience- engineering for radio, television, live music and studio sessions. Experienced in a wide variety of genres from grime to reggae, neo-classical to funk. Specialised working with bands and more ‘guitar music’ genres. Equal experience as a musician and producer writing, arranging and performing songs and collaborating with artists/musicians

Sol Edwards

Sol has been at Muted Productions for a little over a year and has worked on a range of shows from comedy nights to theatre productions. Outside of Muted, Sol has been a sound technician at Cambridge Folk Festival, a touring engineer for a guitar and fiddle folk duo, an engineer for Sofar Leeds and an in-house tech for Mill Hill Presents. He is also a musician and songwriter with a wealth of gigging experience that helps him ensure the acts he works with as an engineer feel relaxed and well looked after

Lucy Ankers

Lucy has 6 years live sound engineering experience and 15 years experience of live performance alongside the likes of Mark Almond and Mica Paris. This has led her to perform across the country, including at Wembley Arena. She has also been part of the Leeds Contemporary Pop Choir for 7 years as a soprano

Will Pitchfork

Will has been involved with music from a very early age, learning to play piano from the age of 6 and going on to learn several other instruments. He has been involved in live sound for nearly 8 years, starting by doing sound for his function band and progressing on to live sound for bands ranging from solo guitar to large 12 piece function bands, and more recently a 6-week theatre run as sound engineer. He is also studying for a Masters degree in Electronic Engineer with Music Technology Systems

Josh Henderson

Josh has been working professionally in audio for over a decade. He started as a musician and wedding singer and expanded to live sound when he moved to Leeds 7 years ago. Now working as a full time Dubbing mixer in the TV industry mixing TV, Drama and films, Josh also works as an ADR and Voice Over recordist. He has worked on shows such as ‘The Lord Of The Rings: The Rings of Power’, BBC 1s Panorama episode  ‘Stacey Dooley: The Lockdown Babies’ and Discovery Channel’s Documentary ‘Almost Human’

Jonathan Seyboth

Jonathan hasbeen working for Muted Productions since August 2022. He has experience in arange of music industry areas, including live sound, studio recording, mixing,mastering and spatial audio. In July 2023, he graduated from Leeds BeckettUniversity with a first-class honours degree in Music Technology. Outside ofhis work at Muted, he is a keen drummer and photographer and has been takinggig photos for bands as a freelancer since March 2022.

Kai Miller

Kai has experience as a live sound engineer, recording engineer, and producer. In addition to his technical expertise, he is also a skilled violinist and vocalist

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