Recording Studio

The Muted Productions recording studio boasts a large live room and separate acoustically treated control room. We us an Allen and Heath SQ5 as our main control desk with a choice of Pro Tools or Logic Pro. Our current studio monitors are a pair of Yamaha HS7's and a pair of Tapco S8's. See our list of services and equipment below.

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Services & Pricing

Tracking sessions/control room hire: £40/hour
8 hour tracking session: £300
Live room hire rehearsal: £16/hour
Full IEM rehearsal: £35/hour  
Full studio hire (8 hour day): £300/ day, 5 days for £1200
Overnight sessions available on a quote-by-quote basis. For any other enquiries, please email

All prices include VAT.

Mic List

Condenser mics:
Rode NT2-a
sE 4400a matched pair
Rode NT55 matched pair
Audio Technica AT2031
Rode M5
Oktava mk-012-01 matched pair

Instrument mics:
AKG D112
Electro Voice ND68
Audio Technica AT8471 duel element
Sennheiser e604  
Audio Technica ATM230
Shure SM57
Shure PGA98H
AudioTechnica ATM650

Handheld Vocal mics:
Shure SM58
Audio Technica ATM510
Audio Technica AE6100
Sennheiser e835

Ribbon mics:
SubZero SZ-R2 matched pair

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